Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First KISS :-)

While I was coming to Rangayana to meet her I took a Rose as I love that a lot. It was a long time since I met her. My waiting was ended as she rode into the gates of Rangayana. My wish was fulfilled as I saw her face, she was as usual, very beautiful. The most attractive thing was her eyes which can see through the soul.

I sat behind her and told her to drive for a restaurant. Sitting behind her was like heaven. I was intoxicated by her body odour. Her curly hairs were mesmerising as they were flying on my face. She took 15 minutes to reach the restaurant but I felt I was there within no time. Whenever I sat behind her I have forgotten the whole world. Except her the whole world looked blur to me.

We reached Nalpak restaurant and had our lunch. I asked her for a long drive but she did not agree as she had to go home. I promised her that we will be back in an hour. It took hell like effort to convince her and at last she agreed. I was very happy as my dream was coming true.

I rode her bike and filled the fuel. She was very much eager to know the place I am driving, but I wanted that to be a suspense and I maintained it as a secret for some time. She got very angry for that and was carrying tons of anger on her cute little nose, but within no time her anger was down by few romantic words of mine.

I turned the bike towards Chamundi hill and the secret of our destination was revealed. There is a place near Nandi hill where you can see the whole of Mysore but uninhabited. This is my favourite spot as I go there whenever I am sad or happy to be in solitude from the world.

I wanted my best moment of my life to be spent there with her. She was shocked as I stopped there where there was no one around. I stood on the compound and she sat. I told her that I have a suspense for her. She was very much anxious and was forcing me to tell but I was thinking that how to bring my imagination into the reality. I thought for half an hour but could not find any solution. She was continuously forcing me. She talks a lot but its always sweet to hear her voice. I jumped from the compound and started roaming here and there thinking. She warned me that if I wont end the suspense she would leave. At last lightening strike me and I got the solution to put my imagination into the actions.

I asked for 5 minutes to express. She was so curious that she started a stopwatch in her mobile. There was complete silence everywhere. I could hear the wind blowing and horns of some vehicles far somewhere.

The time was running out and only 30 seconds were left. The hot wind of afternoon became colder and colder. Suddenly I was on my knees and took the rose from my bag. It was red as it was soaked in my blood which runs through my veins in search of her love. My whole body was shivering but my hand was firm which was holding the rose.


The whole world seemed to me in a slow motion. Suddenly I took her right foot on my knees. I rubbed it and kissed her foot. My dried lips tried to make an impression on her foot but it was soon wiped out by few drops of tears which fell from my eyes on her foot.