Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where Am I Heading?

I Always Wonder...
Am I A Stranger...
Think This World As A Blunder...

I really don't know why did I start this blog? I question myself if there is any purpose or motive behind this thought? but I don't get any answer for this.

I just use this to express my thoughts. I usually express my thoughts through Kannada Poems and Short Stories or through Urdu Shayaris, but now I have got another medium i.e. Blog, where my articles are assessed. To be honest, I started this blog with an uncertainty because of my vocabulary and grammar, they were acting like my hindrance. I motivated myself that creativity has no hindrance or barriers, then I decided to come up with this blog. I believe in learning from my own mistakes, so I know this blog will definitely help me. But where am I heading.....? through this blog, it still remains a mystery in my mind.

Now let me come to the topic and let me come to my own life. I have read hell like articles on life but this article is unique as it deals with me. I never read but felt in my 26 years of journey through life.

My friend Vinay was talking about the uncertainty of life, that was the moment when I decided that I will write about this as it was a thought which was bothering me.

I think the journey of my life started from the womb and I know it will end up in ashes so I wont bother about start and end, but the real mystery is the journey between them.

I don't know where this journey is leading me and I don't know why am I so proud to be born as a human.
I don't know where my life is leading me and I don't know why am I striving to find all the comforts.
I am just following a light of hope which is deliberately pushing me to the grave. Even though I know the end point and even though I know I will make it, then Why am I so passionate about the journey? Is it really worth being that? The first thing which was decided on the day I was born was my death. My countdown has started and I am just running my league.

I get disturbed when I see few people who have dedicated their life to God. I don't believe on the things which I see but these people have strong faith on an unseen God. Wow that is really fantastic. What made them to take such a decision? What are they searching for? Where are they heading? my mind becomes inquisitive.

What made Buddha to leave all his comforts and worldly pleasures and go in search of life. I was really stunned when I read about Bahubali, what made him to sacrifice everything and become Gomateshwara. What made him to stand naked. Was it a same question which is bothering me? If so, then I am sorry I don't have that guts to sacrifice everything and stand naked. But still the question haunts me everytime.

Emotions, feelings, bonds, relations, materials, everything, do they have their own roles to be played in my journey to ashes. I don't know but I need everything. I cant be Buddha or Gomateshwara because I am so much into this worldly things that I cannot escape from the clutches of life.

Life is full of uncertainty but even then I plan to lead my life in my own way, even though I don't know what will happen in the next moment. Is it really worth to plan? but I do it with the hope, faith and expectations.

Now this life has given a meaning to me to prove what I am? in my own ways. I need all the comforts. I enjoy relationships. I am possessive even though I know that I will not be bonded to it till the eternity. But still I live.

As I know the end point let me make my journey worth so that I can celebrate my last. I have made up my mind that I have born to serve some purpose and the purpose will be created through different circumstances of life. I am just playing my part.
I have convinced myself that not to be bothered about life and about its uncertainty. Life has its own role and I have my own.

Death is my Destination...
Life is just a Journey...
But even then sometimes I still wonder...... Where Am I Heading?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Penniless Peanuts...

"Yeh Duniya Kya Chahyiye Money Money...."

I was working in Bangalore before coming down to Mysore to start our own company called GangwayZ Media house.

Me, Isla, Habeeb and Ashwin are into the serious business of Media. Isla has done his Masters in Media Production from Sunderland. He has taken student loan from bank and this is the high time for him to repay. Habeeb has done his Masters in Communication and Journalism, he is married and now owns his family's responsibility on his shoulders. Ashwin has done his MBA and now with us. Uska tho haal bahut hi bhayaanak hai... Reheneko ghar nahin, sone ko bistar nahin... his parents are in bangalore, but he has comedown to Mysore to strive with us and he lives with Isla in his house. Now about me, Dhobi ka kutta na ghar na ghat ka...

Each one of us have our own commitments and responsibilities but we have joined our hands together to achieve, to fly high. Everyone are from middle class family and we were born without any spoon in our mouth. Everyone are so bankrupt at this stage of life that its horrible even to imagine.

Each one of us have our own potential and have our own options where we can excel in our respective profession, but we have joined our hands together to give life to our common "Dream" i.e GangwayZ Media House.

We have done a documentary for Rangayana of the summer camp, Chinnara Mela 2008, Now we are trying with our own new ideas which will be implemented soon.

We have sown the seeds of hard work, commitment and dedication. It will take time to reap and then we can taste the sweet fruits of what we have sown. But till then we should wait patiently as they say there is no shortcut for success.

We may be Penniless Peanuts today but we all know we will be Plentiful in future.

I am writing this write-up because in future when we are in sheer success, we should not forget the path of life where we started to give life to our Dream. Whenever I read this, it will be a motivation for me to fly high no matter what hurdles I face in my life.

Never Despair But Press On.

May All Our Dreams And Wishes Come True.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mime Begins Where Words End

Mime is one of the oldest forms of World Theater. The dramatic and exaggerated art of representing the day to day activities of a man, through expressing them with body and facial movements is called Mime. It is similar to the dialogue dramas but in Mime, a story is narrated through body movements and facial expressions.

I have studied many articles on Mime but still I am not sure about the origin or evolution of Mime. I think it might have evolved from the time when Man began to communicate. Its obvious that he was not knowing any language but had to communicate with body movements and facial expressions. As the time passed he started to use sign boards which led to the origin of Painting, drawing etc. History says that the Mime started in Rome. When a playwright did not had any words to fill the character he used to fill them with the body movements and expressions. You don't find any exact proof which proves the origin or evolution of Mime. It is still a myth.

Let me share my experience with Mime. I am an amateur theater artist. I am practicing Mime from past 6 years. Our troupe is known as G.P.I.E.R. Theater Group, and Mr Mime Ramesh is a Director of our Amateur troupe. He is an actor in Rangayana Myosre, and because of his excellence in Mime, he got the prefix Mime for his name. Now Mime goes along with him with his name.

Gesture, Posture, Imagination, Expression and Rhythm are the 5 basic elements essential to perform Mime. I have done hundreds of Mime shows till date. Mime is performed for 5 to 10 minutes as it requires high energy and stamina. But our troupe has the credit of performing Mime for more than 100 minutes non-stop that too for 7 times and I have the credit of performing 3 times out of 7 major Mime shows. In my last Mime show i was on stage for about 90 minutes which is very hard, I was totally exhausted after the show. I was honoured when our troupe was invited to perform Mime for the occasion of 50th anniversary of UGC.

Our troupe is the only one of its kind in Mysore and may be in Karnataka which is still active in Mime. Mime requires high energy, immense stamina and body flexibility. It requires too much of practice for the sake of synchronisation. Background music plays a very major role in Mime. It emphasises the mood of the story. Music acts as a narration and we act according to it.

Mime is a wonderful theater art medium which is now in danger, not many are aware of this fantastic medium. My intention of writing this article is to brief about Mime and about our troupe. As there is a saying "Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My First WriteUp

Hi this is my first write up and of course my first blog. I really wonder sometimes earlier our identity meant ration cards, driving license, passbooks etc., but nowadays, Internet identity has become very important. I was never bothered about Internet and other related stuffs, but one of my friends Vishwas explained me that how important the Internet is, and especially the blog, for a media person. Let me give a small introduction of myself:

I am Hariprasad Kashyap. Me and my friends are planning to start up a media company in Mysore. Basically, I am from theater background, and our team is well versed with the requirements of a media company, so we thought and thought and finally came to a decision that instead of working for someone , why cant we work for ourselves. In fact, i think its very true, when we get the feeling of belongingness, then only we tend to work towards it without any expectations. For me, passion has become my profession. I believe in a line written by not so famous yet but Mr Hariprasad Kashyap says, "Stars are many but not the Sun." Even though Sun is a star, we consider him as God, source of light, energy etc. I believe same with the human beings. Unless and Until we stand apart from the crowd, we will get lost in it. So i think its high time for me to move forward and just continue to move forward.
Log har manzil ko mushkil samajte hain.
Hum har mushkil ko manzil samajte hain.
Bada farakh hai log aur hamare nazariye mein.
Hum har chattan ko apni pairon ki dhool samajte hain....