Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Meri Jaan...

Attack on Mumbai, Hotel Taj Mahal, Oberoi Hotel, Nariman Point, Around 150 Killed, Around 300 injured, Lost few daring officers, terrorists are teenagers, Deccan Mujahiddin, Pakistan, etc.... these are few things which is happening in Mumbai and everyone know about this very well.

I received a sms, which quotes to mourn for the people who died in these attacks, I received another sms, which was provoking to fight against the terrorism, I have deleted those sms's or else I would have quote those.

I was in Mumbai during February 2008 and visited those places where these attacks are still going on.

When I saw the television I was shocked to know about the attacks. I have really spent most memorable moments in those areas, and those moments are golden moments of my life.The Gate Way Of India, Nariman Point, Corridors of Taj, Oberoi Hotel.

Taj, Oberoi, Nariman have lost their glory and I have lost that person who made those moments really wonderful. Taj or Nariman or Oberoi cannot get its glory back as attacks have made a massive destruction for them and I cannot get that person back who is in another person's life.

Taj, Nariman, Oberoi and Myelf can remember those memorable moments only in our minds and hearts.

Now those things are just in my memories and memories cherish forever.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What A Reason - Comments I Received.

The last article titled "What A Reason" took its birth from one of the incident which took place in a tea shop. That incident was very close to my life so I just wrote it. " This is the explanation I received two comments for this article by the two important people in my life.

Vinay - He is a very good friend of mine from past 18 years. He knows me very well. I would like to quote his comment.

Try enjoying the single status. Stop trying to fall in love with each and every girl you meet. Start introspecting as to why each girl you fall in love with dont try to commit themselves to you or to be part of your life. One more gyan, stop trying for girls, concentrate on your career. Ask your parents to find one for you and the rest will fall in place, you can start loving the one you marry and she will obviously be committed to you"

This was the comment I received from and I appreciate it alot because as I said he knows me very well.

Vishwas - He is also a very good friend of mine from past two years. We both are like north and south poles our thoughts are always parallel and parallel lines never meet.

This was the most funniest post you ever wrote, without ever intending it to be so! Lo hari do you really believe girls when they say, i think you are a fine guy and i'm unlucky to have you as my lover or whatever the fuck is that? In effect, they are saying, you don't deserve to be my lover or whatever it is. I think you hang on with a girl even after she has said no. If she accepts, ok fine. If she doesn't, ok fine. Why scratch your mind that much. You should really thank them for not accepting your love- they in fact did you a favour by doing so. Why do you want to FALL in love all the time. Why not rise in life once instead? There is life beyond love and all that. Stop all this butterfly and caterpillar stories and write something logical for a change

This was the comment posted my him to my article. I never thought that this article would really make this kind of impact. I would like to thank both who are very much concerned about me.

My motive has served by this article one has took very seriously and the other has said it was the most funniest article I have written.

Love is not what I have written there. Both have experienced it, but they have their on perspective on love. Ya true love is not a caterpillar or butterfly story its the story of worms, animals, human beings, all the living creatures, non living things, sun, moon, etc. Love has no end. It can be related to anything and everything.

Career is something which is dependent on ourselves but not love. Love is something like addiction everyone wants to enjoy it but few wear masks. I am happy I am not the One.

I know I will get a comment for this article or I think I wont get as I have mentioned it

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What A Reason!!!

I know that once in a lifetime we will come across a mesmerising feeling called Love. Some of you have already experienced it and some yet to face it. And few are just enjoying it every time, same in my case I have experienced it several times.

I have heard people saying that we enjoy true love only once in our lifetime.
Oh... I think that love itself is divine and there is no such things like false love or true love. I really wonder when people say that it was my true love. Come On Guys!!! Are we playing true or false game.

I believe in one thing "Nothing is good or bad in this world but thinking makes it so."
Thank god!!!! I am lucky, every time I fall in love is the true love, but for me I am in love again and every time I was 100% sincere committed and loyal. I do not bother about true or false game.

I think you guys are wondering, why am I talking all these things? and how are they related to the topic?
Well!!! You will come to know about this as you go on reading this article.

I have experienced the world of love several times in my life and most of the times I was heartbroken :-(.

I proposed every girl whom I loved but most of the times got rejected and you know what was the reason???


Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Can anyone just explain me what sort of a reason is this? I don't know I was blank all the time.

I am still not able to digest one thing, if I am a nice guy, then why was I rejected. Anyways I did not allow my mind to think about this too much. But sometimes i really thought that is there anything like true love or I might have not loved her truly!!! Obviously this question aroused in my mind when I was rejected, I know it is superstitious but its usual, we think all the possibilities when we fail, even though its silly.

I am very happy because if I would have succeeded then I could never experienced the love several times. So no hard feelings girls, Thank you for rejecting my love and making me to love more more and more.
Enjoy the wrong ones till you find the right one ;-)