Saturday, August 2, 2008

Solar Eclipse

One of my memorable day in my Life. It was a Solar Eclipse on that day. Solar Eclipse means Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth. In India it was partial and in Mysore it was about 20%.
According to astrology, Solar Eclipse has its affect on all the living beings. During the occurrence people who believe it take all the precautionary measures. One should not eat, sleep or not even drink water during the time of eclipse. One should not roam but stay at home, etc. these are the few beliefs which I know.

Every time Solar Eclipse affects some particular birth stars and zodiac signs. This time it affected my birth sign i.e. Pushya and me being very lucky for my zodiac sign i.e. cancer. For this reason I was house arrested on that day and had to take few precautionary measures.

I was born in a middle class Brahmin family where my parents are orthodox and strong believers of God. Voice of my mother enchanting mantras, ringing bells and aroma of agarbattis are my usual alarms in the morning.
To avoid the affects I had to follow some rituals. My mother has a strong faith in all these things and I have an eternal faith in my mother's faith. I usually don't bother about these things but for my mother's sake and for her faith I followed all the rituals she told.

Let me come to the main story. I was up early in the morning did my routine, took a bath and I was in the pooja room enchanting mantras and worshipping God for about 45 minutes. I had my breakfast at 11 am. I had some work in the Internet so somehow I convinced my mother and went to browse. I was happily browsing when suddenly my mobile rang, I knew it was my worried mother. I answered it and within no time I was back home.

I had few fruits and spent time till 4 pm chatting with my family and watching television. My father told me to write a mantra which was in our holy calendar i.e. Panchaanga and to recite it 108 times during the occurrence of Solar Eclipse. This was very important to avoid the affects of eclipse.

Exactly at 4 pm television was switched off. Everyone were silent and were just reciting mantras. Even I was silent doing nothing. My dad reminded me to recite that mantra. Believe it or not I recited it 108 times. My parents and my sister everyone watched the Solar Eclipse but I was not allowed to watch or not even to step out of the house because of its affects. Alas I missed the historic event. In India Total Solar Eclipse will occur after 165 years it seems. I decided myself, one day I will visit the place where I can watch the Total Solar Eclipse and enjoy the historic event.

After the eclipse I went to take bath and again I was in pooja room enchanting mantras. I went to temple as my mother ordered me to do so. I did some rituals there and then I rode to my care of address i.e. Rangayana. The climate was very romantic and the city was covered with light mist. Rangayana was looking like western ghats as it lies beside the Kukkarahalli Lake.
I was alone there for some time enjoying the climate. Vinay came to Rangayana and we decided to watch a movie called Kuchelan starring SuperStar Rajanikanth. Movie was good. I came home late as it was a night show, had my dinner and slept.
This was the story of mine with Solar Eclipse.

I am very thankful to Solar Eclipse because I learned to have faith in my mother's faith and above all I spent real good time with my family after many days which was more valuable than watching a Solar Eclipse. I think faith makes man strong and to achieve what he believes.

Astrology says that Solar Eclipse has affected my birth star and zodiac sign.
I have a strong faith that it has not affected me but has effected me in someways. There is some change in me. Yet to find what it is? but surely will find it very soon.