Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mourn Mourn Mourn....

I had a weird experience few days back. I got a message to attend mourning of Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Me and my friends went to attend it and it was organised by a news channel ( I do not want to name the channel).

There were few other people from nearby hostel and a group of young girls from the nearby PG. Those girls came there as if they are attending some reception, they were wearing grand dresses and their make-up was like as they were going to sign as a heroine to the movie.

The tv people already had a concept in their mind and that was to blame politicians. There were around 50 in numbers who came to mourn to the martyr. Tv people gave candles to everyone and made us to light and we were supposed to tell our opinions about how the politicians are responsible for the attack on Taj.

The most disgusting thing was, one of the crew member from the channel disguised himself as a common man and made his first opinion, the channel crew with a reporter and a cameraman took his opinion first, he in his talk took the concept of blaming the politicians as i have mentioned above. The reporter took a point from that opinion and posed a question relating to politics to the next person, and this went on.

People who came to mourn were more excited to be in front of camera rather to mourn. There was a tough competition among the public to give their opinion about the politicians and everyone were fighting for the mike to talk, girls who came from the PG were standing like models. I think they were invited to make the picture bit beautiful.

Few people came there as they thought that there was a shooting of some movie, few of them literally did not knew who was Sandeep. Few were talking like if they would have been near the attack, they would have stopped that and fought against terrorist.

I was simply standing in the last row holding a candle and staring at those beautiful girls. I thought that the mourning ceremony will be very decent but never knew that it will be like a celebration. At one point I was feeling very bad about myself to attend such a ceremony where people were using a martyr's name to their means. I just blew the candle off and went aside to have a smoke. But my friends were still standing there.

After the opinion round, channel people made the public to place the candle on the nearby fountain, cameraman was taking shots in an artistic manner.

I bet no one of them who assembled there mourned to the martyr including myself. Public was attracted to the camera and channel people wanted to raise the TRPs of their news.

The so called mourning ceremony ended up in the way the news channel wanted, I was completely bored that day.


Vishwas Krishna said...

Take my advice, don't fall for such traps in future for the lure of seeing beautiful girls.
Why don't you just say it was TV9? Whats wrong in it?

hariom said...

ha ha ha... who knew that i will see some beautiful girls there it was a coincidence. what else i can do i thought seeing them was better than mourning.

pal.................... said...

hmmm....i knew tht these guys did this nautanki but this is too much...nd i agree thr is nothing wrong in saying it was TV9 if it was TV9...but overall a gud post...