Friday, July 10, 2009

Why I Love You So Much?

When I was born my mother was the first to kiss me on my forehead.
My dad was the first who took me in his hands and made me feel secure and warm.
When I was one year old my mother was the one who understood my alien language and fed me with food and love.
My dad was the one who took me ride in his bike and got me chocolates.
Whenever I got less chocolates my sister was the one who shared her chocolates with me.
Whenever I was hungry or sick my sister was the one who nourished me like my mother with her care and concern.
My grandmother was the one who always made me to sleep on her laps and narrated the stories of princes and kings.
My grandfather was the one who took me to evening walk and got whatever I asked.
My dad taught me to ride cycle.
When I lost the first cricket match it was my dad who filled confidence in me.
My mother taught me to win no matter if it was a match on life.
Whenever i skinned my knees and came home crying my mom used to cry with me and my dad used to bandage my knee.
My teachers and lecturers were responsible for me to think bigger and higher in life.
Whenever I lost battle of life it was my friends who supported me.
Friends were the one who laughed in joy, cried in sorrow with me.
Whenever I needed a shoulder to cry my friends were the one who lend their shoulders and brought back the smile on my face.
My friends were the one who were with me in my failure and success.
My Parents, My Family, My Teachers, My Friends were the one who were with me all the time throughout my life.

I Love Them All.
Why I Love You???? So much